Reviews and testimonials

“I go to the osteopathy clinic for treatments when I feel my body is not quite right, and I always come out of there feeling on top of the world.”Sandy, Leighton Buzzard
“Sharisse treated my daughter when she was a baby and was able to relieve her discomfort and make her a happier and more contented baby.”Charlotte, Dunstable
“As a naturally flat-footed runner, it was very difficult to run long distances without suffering from stress injuries. I was recommended to The Osteopathy Clinic, where I was provided a series of deep sports massages, and was also able to get some excellent advice around my running style and sports nutrition. I was recommended orthotics to help combat my flat feet, which has made running much more comfortable and effective.”
Tony, Milton Keynes
“We have found Sharisse to be very professional with each consultation.  She is thorough with her knowledge, explanation and above all examination. She is polite and has compassion to your needs…would certainly recommend her. ”
Sally & Jason Fox, Dunstable
“I have had a few chiropractors and osteopaths over the years with varying degrees of success, however I was very impressed with Sharisse’s knowledge and professionalism. This lady knows her onions, I can’t recommend her highly enough. “Andy, Sutherland, Scotland
“I can say that the treatment I received from Sharisse was a blessed one! The distance is never an issue for me. It’s worth it! I would recommend anybody to see her.”
S. Nahdy, Milton Keynes