Infertility treatment through acupuncture

Infertility is no pregnancy within 2 years of trying to get pregnant with a fertile male
partner in regular sexual activity. This journey to conceive can often become
stressful and time-consuming, significantly impacting the joy of the process.

Understanding fertility necessitates an understanding of the menstrual cycle. A well-
functioning menstrual cycle is indicative of overall bodily health and is crucial
foundation for fertility. By understanding and tracking menstrual cycle you can
optimise your fertility and reduce the time it takes to achieve conception.

“When it comes to studying the menstrual cycle, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
acupuncturist break it up into four phases. The period, post-period and ovulation
phases all fall into the follicular phase but have quite precise and unique treatment
requirements. When we are considering fertility, the pre-period phase is included in
the post-ovulation phase and has no separate treatment principle” Lyttleton p.21
Menstrual cycle should be not too long and not too short and your period should be:

  • Regular
  • Not heavy
  • Not painful
  • Not scanty
  • Any issues related to your period or hormonal imbalances should be thoroughly
    investigated, as they can have a profound impact on your fertility.

Acupuncture treatment can make a HUGE difference to both pain and fertility.


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