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Joint aches

Joint aches – It’s easy to think that joint aches and pains are just part
of getting older. But that’s not always the case and there’s often a

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Why are my joints aching?

Joint aches and pains can be as a result of any number of causes including:

  • osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis
  • pushing yourself too hard
  • chlamydia or gonorrhea
  • inflammation either inside the joint or in one of the structures around the joint, such as the ligaments or a bursa
  • excess pressure on joints, for example through lifting or carrying a heavy load
  • being overweight
  • referred pain from somewhere else in your body

Treatment such as osteopathy can be very helpful with joint aches and pains. However, depending on the causes of your pain you may also be able to help yourself with lifestyle changes such as improved nutrition, more relaxation time, losing weight, ice or heat treatment, exercise such as Pilates to strengthen your body, or orthotics for your shoes to correct foot imbalances and ease pressure on your joints.

Please note that the above information is very brief and condensed; for proper diagnosis and treatment, please see your GP or osteopath.