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Muscle tension & stress

Muscle tension and stress is so common that we
often ignore it, yet chronic stress is proven to have a negative impact
on the body. Treat it now with osteopathy.

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What can I do about muscle tension?

Prolonged muscle contraction, more commonly understood as muscle tension, is one of the most familiar symptoms of stress. The muscles contract due to the initiation of the fight or flight response during periods of stress or anxiety, but if stress or anxiety continues over a period of time the muscles continue in their contracted state. Not only does this cause the feeling of tension in our muscles which we identify as stress, but ongoing muscle contraction can lead to headaches, limited range of movement, difficulty concentrating, joint discomfort and chronic pain.

Muscle tension can also be caused by other less obvious reasons such as repetitive use of the same muscles, poor posture, overtraining at the gym and certain demanding occupations.

Muscle tension can be aided through osteopathy which can help to increase movement, relax muscles and support the body to heal. Massage, sports massage, acupuncture, K taping and specific exercises can also be useful. To combat ongoing stress and anxiety it may be helpful to review your nutrition, work/life balance or general lifestyle.

Please note that the above information is very brief and condensed; for proper diagnosis and treatment, please see your GP or Osteopath.