Reviews and testimonials

“Totaly recommended Sharisse! She helps me with my neck click and back pain. The pain has been relieved even after the 1st session. Plus she's super friendly and very communicative.. ”Rarinthorn, Harpenden
“I have been to Sharisse on and off with different issues over a couple of years and have always found her services to be excellent at reducing the cause of pain. Most recently with sciatica, she knew which parts of the body needed massaging, proding and pulling! The pain has subsequently reduced and, together with specific exercises, is being well managed. I feel I am on the road to recovery. I would certainly recommend The Osteopathy Clinic to anyone experiencing back ache, muscle pain and twinges of discomfort.”Guy, Harpenden
“I started seeing Sharisse over two years ago, when the osteopath I’d been going to for just over 30 years retired. I have been very impressed by the highly professional & hugely knowledgeable approach that Sharisse brings to every appointment. Sharisse is a good listener and that, coupled with her friendly & positive attitude, immediately makes you feel relaxed & confident in her abilities. My intermittent lower back pain is now very well controlled.  More recently l saw Sharisse for an atypical painful shoulder injury, acquired in the gym! Within days of my first consultation, the treatment Sharisse provided had significantly reduced the pain & after a second consultation, my shoulder & arm are almost pain free. I have now regained a full range of shoulder joint movement. A credit to her great diagnostic skills and tailored treatments. ”David, Hemel
“Sharisse treated my daughter when she was a baby, who was suffering from constipation. She was able to relieve her pain and make her a happier and more contented baby.”Charlotte, Dunstable
“Sharisse has been treating me for jaw, neck and shoulder pain as well as migraines. She has a wealth of knowledge and uses multiple disciplines to help treat and prevent the pain I have been experiencing. After I have been treated by Shairsse i always sleep better and  feel positive effects for several days after. As well as this, her friendly, calm and supportive nature makes the whole experience a pleasure!.”Amy, Long Marston
“My appointments with Sharisse have really helped manage my back pain with an immediate impact on reducing the pain levels, constructive advice on the specific exercises to carry out to improve the core strengthening needed and have allowed me to feel more positive about continuing the sports I enjoy”Barry, Tring
"In the past my back locked up so that it was painful to move; one visit to Sharisse and the pain had gone. Ever since then I have made regular maintenance visits to see her which has kept my back mobile and without pain. I would recommend anyone who needs to see an osteopath to make a visit to Sharisse." Mike, Eaton Bray
"As a naturally flat-footed runner, it was very difficult to run long distances without suffering from stress injuries. I was recommended to The Osteopathy Clinic, where I was provided a series of deep sports massages, and was also able to get some excellent advice around my running style and sports nutrition. I was recommended orthotics to help combat my flat feet, which has made running much more comfortable and effective." Tony, Milton Keynes
"We have found Sharisse to be very professional with each consultation.  She is thorough with her knowledge, explanation and above all examination. She is polite and has compassion to your needs…would certainly recommend her. " Sally & Jason Fox, Dunstable
"I have had a few chiropractors and osteopaths over the years with varying degrees of success, however I was very impressed with Sharisse's knowledge and professionalism. This lady knows her onions, I can't recommend her highly enough. "Andy, Sutherland, Scotland
"I can say that the treatment I received from Sharisse was a blessed one! The distance is never an issue for me. It’s worth it! I would recommend anybody to see her." S. Nahdy, Milton Keynes
"I have been treated by Sharisse for some time for various reasons. I have found her excellent at diagnosing injuries and ailments; suggesting effective remedial exercises and physical therapy to aid recovery. Follow up appointments to ease discomfort and pain have been effective. Highly recommended" Tony Evans, Harpenden
"I have been attending Sharisse at her Osteopathy Clinic for some years and always found the visits very rewarding. Sometimes a specific problem needs attention but mostly I need “general maintenance “ to keep my ageing body mobile which Sharisse has done with a mixture of  acupuncture, massage and ultrasound plus cranial osteopathy. I also attended her Pilates class  before lockdown  sadly put an end to it." Mary, Harpenden
“I go to ​the osteopathy clinic for treatments when I feel my body is not quite right, and I always come out of there feeling on top of the world.”Sandy, Leighton Buzzard