Osteopathy for babies & children

Osteopathy for babies and infants

Osteopathy for babies is a safe, gentle non-invasive form of osteopathy which is gaining in popularity as a form of treatment for unsettled babies or babies who may be experiencing problems resulting from pregnancy or a stressful birth.

Babies can experience discomfort in various parts of their bodies resulting from the birth process or traumas during pregnancy. For example, the head bones may not fully re-expand following the compression of the skull during birth, the lungs may not be completely cleared, and there may be stiffness in the neck or problems with digestion.

I work with babies and infants using a combination of cranial osteopathy and manipulation techniques, according to your child’s particular needs. Cranial osteopathy uses gentle head holds and movements to relieve any tension in the baby’s head and to encourage the body to function correctly. Manual techniques include gently stretching muscles which may have tightened on one side during birth (this tightness can sometimes be seen in babies who feed better on one side than the other), or mobilising the joints or general structure to help issues such as breathing problems or constipation.

Osteopathy for babies & infants: first consultation

When you first come to see me with your baby at my clinic here in Harpenden, I take a comprehensive medical history with particular focus on your pregnancy, the birth process and your child’s current health, including his or her diet. This may include discussions around your own diet if the baby is breastfeeding. Once I have taken your child’s medical history I carry out a very gentle physical examination and begin the process of treatment.

Baby and infant conditions

Osteopathy for older children

During the growing process, children’s bones, joints and muscles are particularly vulnerable to damage. Combine this with children’s high level of physical activity and it’s not hard to see why children may be more prone to broken bones, aches and pains, sprains and strains.

I offer osteopathy for children of all ages from my clinic here in Harpenden using a form of osteopathy most suited to the age of the child or his/her particular symptoms. Cranial osteopathy and gentle mobilisation is particularly suitable for babies and younger children, while older children may benefit from massage, stretching or manipulation to release joints. Treatment is based on consultation and examination, which includes a review of medical history and takes into account a variety of other factors including lifestyle and diet.

Osteopathy may be suitable for your child in the following conditions:

  • rehabilitation following injury
  • joint pains
  • general aches and pains
  • foot pain
  • muscle spasms
  • postural problems
  • growing pains
  • repetitive strain injury

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Conditions where osteopathy may be helpful for babies or infants include:

  • feeding problems
  • excess wind
  • constipation
  • digestive problems
  • reflux or other symptoms
  • excess crying
  • teething
  • sinus problems
  • stress/difficulty relaxing
  • stiffness in the neck
  • flat head syndrome
  • eczema
  • difficulty breathing
  • postural imbalances as the child grows
  • sinus
  • some ear problems
  • some sleep problems

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