osteopath treatment for pregnancy and post natal

Pregnancy: pre and post natal

Pregnancy, pre and post-natal For a range of problems specific to
pregnancy and birth, pre and post-natal osteopathy is an effective form of osteopathy specifically for new mums and mums-in-waiting.

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Pregnant and in pain – what can I do?

Over half of pregnant women experience pain at some point during their pregnancy. During pregnancy, ligaments stretch in preparation for birth and, as your baby grows, your abdominal muscles stretch and ligaments and muscles are put under strain, so placing additional strain on your lower back and pelvis.

Some women experience sciatica during pregnancy, whereby the sciatic nerve becomes painful causing symptoms including pain, weakness or tingling down the leg. Other causes of backache in pregnancy include exacerbation of previous back problems, being overweight, poor posture possibly caused by your body counteracting the weight to the front, strain on joints, poor lifting technique, tension, pelvic girdle pain (PGP – caused directly as a result of pregnancy) or more than one pregnancy.

If you are experiencing pains during pregnancy osteopathy may be able to help. It is gentle and non-invasive and techniques are chosen specifically with consideration to the pregnancy and the needs of the individual. Other possible suggestions which may help with pain include swimming, massage therapy, sitting in a better posture or sleeping with a maternity pillow.

Osteopathy may also be useful post pregnancy to help with post-natal problems such as ongoing aches and pains, constipation or stress incontinence.

Any ongoing, unexplained or excessive pain should be checked by a doctor, whether during or post pregnancy.

Please note that the above information is very brief and condensed; for proper diagnosis and treatment, please see your GP or Osteopath.